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A Publication – Focus on Indigenous Construction Companies

Posted on March 12th, 2017

Did you miss the publication by BusinessDay Media wherein a Special Report on Leading Indigenous Engineering Construction Firms in Nigeria was published?

As a tip, the excerpt below which is an initial publication by BusinessDay Newspaper on the subject, would interest you:

“Nigeria’s foreign exchange crunch brought on by declining oil prices and a slide in production, has necessitated the need to put a lid on foreign capital flight.

Foreign reserves have dipped to record lows at $23 billion, as at November 11, depleting at a monthly average of 3 percent since the beginning of 2016.

That Nigeria snubs local engineering construction firms for foreign counterparts, despite the FOREX crunch, smacks of its lackadaisical attitude towards conserving scarce dollars.

Patronising foreign engineering construction firms also equates to exporting jobs at a time where unemployment rate has cemented a six-year high of 13.3% (in Q2, according to the NBS).

Only recently, one government official claimed that local engineering construction firms are almost non-existent and incapable of handling big projects, as he tried to justify the appetite for foreign engineers.

It is to this end that BusinessDay Media proposes a special report that showcases Nigerian Engineers to the world, in a bid to flaunt their exceptional and highly professional work to highlight their job creation capabilities.

The special report intends to show that our local engineering construction firms can hold their own when juxtaposed with foreigners.

Click the link below to read the full published special report.

Businessday_Focus on Indigenous Construction Company in Nigeria